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Our Services

translate to a well-functioning software, that feels right and creates a sense of purpose



Having lots of experience in large Enterprise systems, we can help solve most development related problem.


System architecture

System and web architecture are our main competences. Creating Enterprise level systems is our thing.



To work fast and agile, we can all support full development cycle starting from analysis and ending with coding.



We are mainly focused on Java and web development. Our most used frameworks are Spring, Android, AngularJS, Liferay, jQuery, React.

We have worked on

some pretty tough and challenging cases across telecom, finance, media, tourism and government sectors

Telia self-service

Customer: Telia Eesti
Industry: telecom

Our cooperation with Telia has lasted for years, during which we have developed many different end-to-end solutions ranging from front-end web development to back-end integrations. One of the bigger projects has been Telia's self-service platform.

Our main focus has been on the backend solutions and integrations, where we have developed the backbone of the self-service and made many integrations from payment to search optimizations.

Mobile wallet

Customer: Telia Eesti
Industry: telecom

Our team has been hard at work with Telia's mobile wallet app, where we have been the architects and developers of the backend system.

Our previous integration know-how has come in handy and we have created a system that is highly extendable and scalable and encompasses payments and customer loyalties.

Tax office back-end

Customer: Estonian tax and costums board
Industry: goverment

We have developed the backend systems of Estonian tax office where the main effort has been the pan-European tax exchange system.

Asset management system

Customer: confidential
Industry: finance

We have developed a complex asset management system for one of the leading internation investment companies, with the headquarters in Estonia. The asset management system allows to handle and control the investment and assets of customes.

E-receipt architecture and software

Customer: Tripledev
Industry: logistics/e-commerce

E-receipt architecture and software - Since Estonia, in cooperation with Finnish government, has started the process of standardizing the e-receipt document, we have had the privilege of participating in the creation and development of the standard.

Our work with the e-receipt includes the standardization of the document as well as partnering with TripleDev in the development of a web platform ordered by Omniva for end users to handle their e-receipts.

Mobile parking

Customer: Telia Eesti
Industry: telecom

We are developing and supporting the backend systems of Telia's mobile parking platforms, which handle the majority of Estonia's mobile parkings.

Today ca. 45% of all the parkings done in Estonia are done via mobile and the number is still growing, meaning that systems that we operate and develop have to cover thousand of transaction per day.

A dedicated team

of carefully hand-picked software engineers working to create unique products and engaging solutions for our clients


Risto Solman

System Architect



Andres Säde

System Architect



Indrek Ott

System Architect



Lauri Reinson

System Architect



Allan Allas

System Analyst